Our approaches to educational delivery are technology-driven and are tailored to the needs and trends of the time. They are readily accessible and portable!


At a time when discerning truth from fiction and what really works from what have been gotten used to pose a great challenge, absolute reliance on evidence is a must! At PLE REAP, we only offer what ought to be!


With so much information to devour, the challenge is how to discriminate the must-knows from the nice-to-knows. And so we equip everyone’s armamentarium according to the value of each available information!


PLE REAP is for The Filipino.

Application Features: Study Framework

The PLE-REAP APP’s content interface introduces two active recall strategies: the use of Multiple-Choice Questions and Flashcards. There are video lectures to aid you further in studying too!
Our APP also features the following:
  • Self-assessment tool to monitor your personal progress
  • Spaced repetition approach to secure maximum knowledge retention
  • Ability to highlight what is important in your lessons
  • Ability to write notes on your lessons
  • Retention tips and mnemonic devices to make studying fun, exciting, and a whole lot easier

Our Services

AMC Podclass by PLE-REAP

Bridging Program for AMC Skills Assessment

PLE-REAP Medicine

Curriculum Integration and Board Review

PLE-REAP Nursing

Curriculum Integration and Board Review

Continuing Professional Development

CPD-certified Courses for Advance Education and Training

Full Code Clinical Decision-Making Simulation

Curriculum Internship and Advance Training Integration

NurseSim Clinical Skills Simulation

Curriculum Related Learning Experience and Advance Training Integration

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Study Guide

The PLE-REAP APP is designed to offer not only an easy way of studying and reviewing but an effective one.

Inspiration and Motivation

“I did NOT come from a family of doctors.... As early as elementary school, ... I somehow knew very early on that medicine was the career for me. I wanted to help people.... Medicine, for me, has always been a calling as well as a privilege.” --- Carol Bradford, MD


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